Our Philosophy: The office focus is equally divided between Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Oriental Medicine. Often one type of treatment is not as good as utilizing two or three; consequently a patient may receive the benefits of multiple types of treatment in one visit. Individual preferences also influence the treatment protocol, as not everyone is open to certain types of treatment. For example: someone may not like to have needles with Acupuncture. We have two non-needle techniques that work extremely well and can be used as a substitute.

We have utilized cold laser treatment since 1997. We have an Alpha Stim 100 unit that is a wonderful treatment for pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Individual treatments are always designed for individual patients. There is not one protocol that is correct for all problems. Beware of clinics where everyone lines up and receives the same treatment!

Mary-Claire Ross
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When I first came to Dr. Jones for my back pain, I couldn’t even lift my head up. After several weeks my neck pain disappeared and I felt great, god bless Dr. Jones.
Jeff Casfelli
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Always fixes my back problem-have been a client for many years.
Jona Sturm
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Dr. Jones is a wonderful, caring doctor. He shows a genuine concern for his patients and makes it his mission to heal you naturally.
Laura Healey
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Acupuncture really worked for me. Was very happy with the results to relieve my lower back.
Betty Peeke
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Dr. Jones has been taking care of me for 10 years. The first time I came in I was actually crawling. I worked out of his office that day. I cant Thank him enough for helping me be able to get around and love a normal life.
Roger Powers
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I would rank you as a 5 star doctor. You take care of your patients with great care always willing to fit them in. I have been to other Doctors and they have over adjusted me. When I came to you, you have put together a good adjustment that takes care of my condition and also deal with the major pain I have after back surgery. Thanks Doctor Jones.
Senna Crum
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Enjoyed my experience and it helped ease the pain I was having from runner’s Knee. Would return!
Don Hubert
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5 star treatment. Without Mark I wouldn’t be able to function in most capacities because of my bad lower back. With 5 or 6 treatments a year I’m good to go. thanks.

Dr. Mark Jones


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